Approach & Philosophy

TriStone Partners Advisory Group is unique in its exclusive focus on the European “Energy and Building Centric” ecosystem. We provide unique, independent high-level strategic and corporate transactions advice to the leaders of the European Energy & Building Centric businesses, and assist them in their drive to redefine these rapidly evolving industry sectors.

Industry Knowledge
Achieving leadership in these sectors requires independent thinking, imaginative strategic solutions and superior transaction execution. Our clients hold us in high regard for the superior advice we provide with regards to the most sensitive strategic concerns, and take comfort in our ability to understand and act on the dynamics of these cross-sector businesses.

Excellence in Execution
Since inception, we have built a reputation of excellence in transaction execution. TriStone Partners’ focus and understanding of our clients’ business challenges are key in achieving results above conventionally expected benchmarks. Our engagements evolve around predefined success imperatives. As a result, Eurostoxx 50 companies trust us with some of the most complicated advisory assignments.

Senior Partners’ Attention and Experience
The senior partners in our advisory business are solely responsible for all facets of TriStone Partners assignments, from the initial evaluation phase to the final stage of executing our recommendations. Unlike many larger institutions, the senior partners actually execute every transaction, from the beginning to the end, and are characterized by a single-minded determination to succeed with every assignment TriStone Partners takes on.

Independent Advice - Long-Term Perspective
We seek to provide value enhancing operating, strategic and financial recommendations to companies’ boards of Directors, Executive Committees and shareholders, and take an “owner’s view” in every assignment. This approach often leads to advising our clients against pursuing transactions that we believe do not meet that standard. This may be why we have been working with specific clients for over a decade.