Renewable & local energies

Investors into small energy assets

In the Local and Renewable Energy sector, TriStone Partners assists industry operators, large and small, on equity and debt financing as well as on long term, value creating strategies and transactions. We also invest as principals in selected renewable / local energy generation projects.

Whether in investment, project financing, or transaction advisory, we tend to focus on the following segments:

  • Small Hydroelectric Plants (<10MW), either connected to the grid, or to industrial plants
  • Distributed Generation projects (industrial or municipal Co-Generation operations)
  • Wind and Solar grid connected assets

Renewable and Local Energy Corporate and Project Finance Advisory

In the Renewable and local energy segments, TriStone Partners assists industry actors, from small hydro plant owners to the largest industrial operators, achieve superior results by way of:

  • Acquisition / disposals of energy generation assets
  • Optimization of financing structures, equity and debt
  • Structuring partnerships and joint ventures

Renewable Energy Industry Ecosystem

Over the last decade, TriStone Partners developed an unparalleled network in the industry, including:

  • Developers seeking capital
  • Energy equity investors
  • Debt finance providers
  • Public, Environmental and Regulatory Authorities
  • Public and private R&D units
  • Academic and Research teams
  • Engineering and Technical teams
  • Legal advisors