Corporate transaction services

We provide comprehensive advice to clients on a range of strategic transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, asset purchases and disposals, restructurings and reorganisations.

TriStone Partners advisory services are long-term relationship driven. We tend to work on a recurrent basis with a limited number of leading multinational corporations active in the energy services industry and the industrial services sector.

Similarly, we work closely with a number of financial sponsors on the equity side, and large financial institutions on debt products and debt work-outs.

Our rigorous industry focus and in-depth understanding of the market and competitive environment in which our clients operate, coupled with an extensive transaction experience allows us to identify and execute on sometimes unique strategic opportunities. TriStone Partners regularly originates transactions, in addition to assisting on execution.

Multinational clients and financial sponsors call on TriStone Partners to execute “tough to sell” transactions. Such assignments will often include a restructuring phase prior to transaction execution. In such instances, our in-depth industry knowledge, our pragmatic, hands-on approach and corporate restructuring experience are unique success factors.

Valuations and Fairness Opinion
TriStone Partners’ understanding of specific industries, in specific geographical markets, as well as our reputation for objectivity, integrity and discretion allow us to provide an unbiased perspective. Our firm does not underwrite or sell securities, does not publish equity research, does not provide financial investment advice, or act as a lender. We are not burdened by these potential conflicts of interest when advising shareholders or Boards of Directors.